Confession, I think about going home sometimes. I think about it almost everyday, some days multiple times a day. Our Cartersville homes smell has been washed out of our clothes but if I try really hard I can still smell that home smell. I can still find a lone Murph hair on a shirt or pair of pants when folding clothes. I can still hear the squeak of the ball my special needs nephew bounces on daily. I can still feel the baby soft hands of my twin niece and nephew, hear their sweet giggles in the playroom at my parents house. Even though the smell has washed away, we still hold onto every single thing we love so much about our home in our little town of Cartersville.

But each time I have the thought of going home, each time I think of leaving this place I see Joseph. I see Favor. I see Edith, Annie, and Diamond. I see Daniel, Francis, and Isaac. I see children, that have lived through things you and I could not even dream of. Things no child should ever have to witness. Things no child should ever have to endure. I see them, and each time we are surrounded by these children they are happy. Not because we are there (although they do love visitors), but because they know that we represent something that is so much greater than anything else in the world. We represent an organization that provides things for them that they may have had to go without if it wasn’t for that provision. An organization that is funded completely and totally by the compassion and love of others.


So yes, some days I really want to go home. But then I realize home is everywhere. It is in the face of every child that we see here thats life has been changed because of Orphan Aid, Liberia and the supporters who give to it.

I have learned that home can really be anywhere, not just where you are comfortable.


This week has been great. Zach went into the field and the boys and I held down the fort back in Monrovia. He returned with stories and pictures of children from two different orphanages, one being in a place that during the rainy season is almost untouchable, so we are so happy he got there before the rain starts and we hope he can get back during also. These two orphanages specifically have chickens that provide eggs daily. Back in October when we were here for our vision trip the chickens were still young and not laying yet, but now they are laying and the eggs are plenty! The chickens came to be at the orphanages through an organization called BRAC. They brought the chicks, and then trained the caretakers how to care properly for the chickens. Zach was lucky enough to be able to coordinate schedules with a representative that knows all the things about chickens. He is from Bangladesh, and lives here in Liberia. From where the food is put, to what times of a day they like to eat most, to so many other things, the homes got advice on how to make them lay even more eggs.


Zach and Emmanuel were able to photograph each child and begin their bios so they can be input into the system and ready for a sponsee very soon. If you are on the fence about the Best Version Project and sponsoring a child, please reach out. We would be more than happy to help you navigate through the process. Feel free to message our group on Facebook (Browns in Liberia), Orphan Aid, Liberia’s Facebook page, or personally message Zach or I. We are here and ready to answer any question you may have.

Maybe you are looking for a particular age range for the child you sponsor because of the ages of your own children. We can help gather names and children to help you! There are currently 53 unsponsored children in the system right now. I could tell you personal stories about each and every one of them. I promise that if you sponsor a child while we are still here I will personally tell them all about you too.

The link below will bring you to the sponsorship page. If you do anything right now, just click it. You don’t have to make a decision today. You don’t have to take the leap…yet. But just take some time, look at their faces, read how old they are, what their name is, and if available what happened to their parents. Just click. That is all it takes. While you are eating your lunch, or sipping your coffee, maybe you are waiting at an appointment. Just click. They are beautiful. Every single one of them. I love them all so much and I know you will love whom ever you are called to also.

Click link below:

I would like to highlight a child/young adult in my blogs from here on out. With the 100+ more that are coming soon I may start highlighting 2 per blog.


This is Beautie and let me tell you just how beautiful she is. She is 16 going on 30 because here in Liberia girls skip the whole adolescent phase. They go straight to womanhood and work. Many at 16 are already mothers. Beautie helps out tremendously around the home. You always see her holding the hand of a little one or scooping up a toddler that has fallen and is upset. She has this exact smile on her face whenever I see her. I love talking with her because she is so smart and has such big dreams! She has never known a parent. Her father died during the Civil War when she was just an infant, and her mother passed away giving birth. She gives me such much hope when I watch her because I know she is going to do great great things. Sponsor Beautie at link below.

Sponsor Beautie:

That’s it for this week. The boys went back to school Tuesday and they put on a little showcase with their classmates and schoolmates on Friday that was just beyond adorable. Zach missed it with his travels but I got a couple pictures! They broke boards during their karate part, names instruments during the music part, and they knew their colors in French! Proud of my guys.


We have much to look forward to in the month of May! Daryl is coming! We are so excited to see him and his entire family plus some! Zach’s mom is coming June 1st and will be with us for a couple weeks. Then our family will be off on a small small break for 2 weeks. During this break we will be seeing my parents and the Menerey clan! I am so excited to squeeze my little twin niece and nephew and see how big they’ve grown! This will be around the 6 month mark and we are looking forward to a regroup and recharge of the batteries. We are ready to see some familiar faces!!

Facebook messenger FaceTime and filter fun with Grammy! Haha!

We love you all so much! Hugs hugs hugs.

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  1. I do love recording your emails! May God continue to bless you and your family, and those precious children there.


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