The Ducor Before the Civil War

We decided to take a breather after a difficult Monday, and visit one of Liberia’s few tourist spots, The Ducor Palace Hotel. This hotel was built in 1960 and was one of the few 5 star hotels in all of Africa during those times. It was a beauty to say the least, but unfortunately shut down in 1989 as the first Civil War got started. It was looted and demolished during these times, and eventually many families that were forced to abandon their homes during the war found refuge and occupied the rooms.

The architecture is bold and stunning, and the views are mind-blowing. I could literally stare off the balcony for hours without getting bored. Although this hotel doesn’t quite represent Liberia in my eyes, since it usually only hosted a very small percent of Liberians that could afford it. Mostly foreigners filled the rooms, and banquet halls, but it did bring people to Liberia, and was host to many important meetings between African leaders.

All-in-all we enjoyed learning more about the place, and viewing Monrovia from the heights.

Pictures we took 3/26/19

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