Zach here.

It’s official we’re here. This past year has flown by since deciding to move here to Liberia, West Africa. It’s been an eventful year with many ups and downs leading to our first night in our new home, but it has been evident throughout the entire process that we were ultimately to come to Africa with Orphan Aid, Liberia.

Looking back and reflecting on all the events and people God worked through to get us here has been simply amazing. I so badly want to give each a shout out, but I will save that for a more personal letter or call. Just know if you have ever donated a penny of your money or second of your time to this project your name has been in my family’s nightly prayers.

In the past, I thought being called would be more heroic, but now that I’m living it I realize how little this whole thing has to do with my family or me. We have been one of the smallest pieces of this magnificent puzzle, and that has been such a humbling experience (in a good way). There have been hundreds of people that have come together to donate in the form of cash, monthly partnerships, prayers, haircuts, plumbing issues, coffee, toys for my children, supplies, business services and some even sweated by putting so much of their time, energy, and money into events and dinners.

So, it’s obvious we (ALL OF US) are suppose to be here helping these children. Do I worry about my children getting sick? Or all of us missing our family back home? Absolutely. Do I get anxious that my wife and I might hit streaks of dryness or doubt? Yes, a little, but ultimately we have faith in God and through your support that this project must be started for these children in Liberia, and we praise Him who has already succeeded.

I promise my wife will be better at blogging on what you guys really want to know about including living conditions, foods, health, what a kiki is, or if giraffes are sticking their heads through our windows (the boys thought this would be happening). Also, once I hit the dirt next week, I will be able to bring you closer and release the first details of The Best Version Project.

Just know that we love you guys so much, and we feel your prayers, and we see your donations and love on social media. All of this gives us strength, affirmation, and makes it much easier to live out this plan during tough moments.

In Christ,

The Browns

2 Replies to “We’re here”

  1. Happy Birthday Zach!! What a year to come. Your heart all in one place. It’s a beautiful thing! Prayed for you guys this morning. Love the pics and can’t wait to hear more!


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